Upping Normal

PRESENTATION               MAR 2015

The purpose of this iPad presentation is two-fold. One is to demonstrate SideMark’s current stats, departments, and buyer profile. The second purpose is to convince a SideMark partner that we needed to heed the trends of the start-up setting that preferred a more eccentric office environment to the traditional Dilbertville layout.

Essentially, we wanted to show that “Upping Normal” was a necessity. To accomplish this, we upended the normal perception of space; the background of the presentation is an empty spatial image that gets rotated and mirrored through the rest of the scenes to offer a continuous sightline. Images and text are strategically placed to read as wall decals or environmental signage upon this empty room.

A fun fact

Wondering about my sweet tooth? I used Cupcake Ipsum to generate some replacement text. It will make any design project that much sweeter.

To show the interactivity of the iPad presentation, I decided to do a screencast video. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to implement the Cupcake Ipsum as Adobe has made Digital Publishing Suite a separate product from the Creative Cloud subscription. It is now called Digital Publishing Solution, and it falls under the Adobe Experience Manager product line. Confusing enough?

The final design features a large background image for each of the main pages. On the home page, each grid box features two visible borders. We opted to go for a haphazard look in selecting which borders are visible. When the screen goes to a mobile size, the visible borders are always the top and left borders.

This is my favorite slide from the presentation. Something about the thin white lines floating against the spatial image.