Passport to Innovation

CAMPAIGN               SEP 2013

CAMPAIGN               SEP 2013

CAMPAIGN               SEP 2013

CAMPAIGN               SEP 2013

CAMPAIGN               SEP 2013

In the furniture world, mockups are somewhat akin to product prototypes. It consists of actual furniture that users can sit in and interact with. And most of the time, it’s a branded experience. This mockup involved a multinational corporate client, who was trying to find a standardized product for all their locations. At the time, they had 5 different products and they wanted to compare the 5 products side by side.

The sales executive came up with the theme of “Passport to Innovation” for this entire campaign. To execute this theme in my design, I desaturated surreal imagery (provided by and framed it with geometric lines to imply that innovation is something we recognize but don’t necessarily understand.

The geometric lines were inspired by the 120-degree workstations we were proposing. I took this idea of 120 degrees and translated it to a haphazard lattice comprised of overlapping sets of lines that formed 120 degrees. These intersecting lines also evoke a sense of motion.

This design scheme was applied to a printed piece, a digital presentation, and was also incorporated into a trifold design that sits atop each of the 5 mockups.

Labor of love

I trimmed, punctured holes, and staple saddle stitched 15 copies of the printed booklet. The booklet was 16 pages long and 8” x 8” in size. After this project, I made sure to send all saddle stitch print projects to the local print shop.


Through initial sketches, I was able to see how the 120 degrees idea can be translated into intersecting lines, from which interesting shapes naturally formed.

Hand sketch


This printed booklet was mainly geared towards pricing. For the design of the pricing tables, I wanted to focus on visual clarity without the use of lines for rows and columns.


The digital presentation included numerous data points to demonstrate how we measured against key performance indicators (KPIs). It was designed to be a multi-slide infographic.


For each of the 5 trifolds, I designed a dot matrix map representative of each area for which the products were being considered: Asia Pacific, Europe, etc. To continue the theme of 120 degrees, I designed a triangle cutout at the center of the page, so that when the trifold is folded, the underlying blue shows through, whereas the dots of map are continuous.