Making Plans

ILLUSTRATION               JAN 2016

Swivelfly is a furniture-as-a-service (FaaS) startup. As a startup with a limited budget, we couldn’t order expensive reception stations to photograph. We decided to mix reception station renderings with photographs of reception lounge furniture.

To help users understand that they are subscribing to an entire reception area that includes a reception station, seating, and coffee tables, I suggested an illustrative floor plan. These plans are a result of studying very basic block plans, furniture photographs, and reception renderings. Reception renderings by Servex US.

Pro tip

A few of the chairs Swivelfly offered were intended as cheaper versions of expensive classics (think Eames molded plywood chair). Because of this, I legally downloaded some DWG (AutoCad) files of the classic version and made slight alterations in Illustrator to match our versions.

For each option, there is a slideshow consisting of a photograph showcasing reception ancillary furniture, a rendering of the actual reception station, and then a plan of the entire reception area.