Cycle of Collaboration


JAN 2015 / JUL 2016

The project brief was to design collateral for a furniture pop-up show at an architectural office. The theme is ad-hoc collaboration. A co-worker referred me to The Cycle of Collaboration. I decided to dedicate each panel to each step of the cycle.

The background featured various professionally-taken project images. The large stylistic numbers reiterated the sequence of the cycle. The bright green color scheme matched the colors of the pop-up show. A total of eight 5” x 5” panels unfolded to a poster on the reverse side, which featured the dictionary definition of collaboration.

Always give credit

We made certain to attribute each photograph. More than it being a contractual obligation, it’s about respect for the photographers and their craft.



In July 2016, I was tasked with using the same concept for a new hire introduction (scroll down). I updated the content to reflect our project process, and used professional project photos as the backdrop for each of the panels. There are a total of 12 panels, front and back.

Large stylistic numbers still took center stage. I deliberately placed the numbers to showcase a continuous line.

sketch for new cycle of collaboration design